Group payment for conference

Hi! We currently have registration open for a live event in March. Does the system have the capability to accept one larger payment for a group of physicians attending the conference? If so, I would greatly appreciate any help is setting this up. Thanks in advance!

HI - we have done some group payment in the following way - but this only works if you are working with someone who will be managing group communication on the learner side… for this we will call them the “clinic coordinator.”

  1. Clinic coordinator contacts us and we plan for a group payment
  2. We give the clinic coordinator a coupon code to give to their physicians so the physicians get in for free - you can have the coupon have a limit of X uses if you bill them ahead of time, or if you bill them later, you can make the number of uses higher to accommodate.
    **It’s important that the clinic coordinator understands that we are NOT responsible if the coupon gets shared with people outside their group list
    **Note that learners are still registering themselves, just using a coupon code to get in free
  3. We determine how many coupons are used/how much to charge based on coupon use, and create a product and provide the link to the clinic coordinator for them to pay for the group
    ** It’s important to give the product SKU something that includes the course SKU so that it’s easy to track which group payments go with which course. For us, our course SKU defaults to the course node. So for a group product SKU, I would likely name it something like [course node]- [name of group] -group payment. Then when I look up all payments for the course, I look up by the course SKU number, and the group payments are part of that list too.

We also sometimes bill internally (don’t use a product at all), if we are working with a group within our institution.

We don’t do it too often… for the most part, people register and pay for themselves.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need clarification.

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Thank you so much! This is helpful!