Subscription Module - Do you have it? And can offer guidance?

@lisenberg and I posted about Subscription Modules in 2020. I have not heard of anyone that has this module.

Has anyone utilized the Subscription Module and can give some advice on how it acts in your systems?

Thanks so much!
Susan Benysh

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Hi @lisenberg and @benysh.susan ,

We are currently using the Subscription Module for access to some of our online-based offerings - webinars and eLearning. You can view the landing page here: Online Education Subscription Plan | LP3 Network Education

At this time, we have two roles created - the 1-year and 2-year subscription (this is the route we went with, in the event we wanted to offer differential pricing on other offerings to 1-year vs 2-year subscribers, but you can also just have a ‘Subscriber’ role and set up different SKUs / role expirations with pricing attributes).

Configuration-wise, we can set the role-based price to $0 for the offerings included in our plan, so when a user with the subscription role navigates to one of the included offerings, they are only prompted to click “Take Course” (i.e., no add to cart, checkout, etc. unless your site forces $0 courses to checkout).

Another use of the Subscription Module we considered is a sort of loyalty/membership program - since you can set differential pricing on specific offerings based on the user’s role, you can therefore create a member/subscriber role for a fee, and then offer reduced pricing on courses for those members/subscribers.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss further!


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Hello @abeach - could we set up a time to chat with myself, and a few people on my side to talk about this?

Thanks, Susan Benysh

This sounds like it would be a good topic for our next UGM!!

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