Is it possible to remove an activity from the pending activity's listing, without removing the incomplete user's enrollment?

We have users that never completed the session requirements and thus the activity still shows on their “Pending Activities” list. We want to make this no longer visible for them, without removing the enrollment. I understand this can be managed ahead of time by setting a duration time within the session/course’s settings, but is it possible to enact this change after the fact?

These activities are from last year when we first rolled out the system and some didn’t have a duration on them set from the get-go. I added a duration to them now but the user is still able to access the session, then I selected an “end date” for their enrollment manually, but it still shows in their pending activities list.

In Date and Time > Start and Expiration Dates, what is the course expiration date? After this date, the person will not be able to complete, and the incomplete course will not be visible in their pending activities.

It’s a series session and star/exp dates are set to the same day, one-hour window. Since I set an “end-date” for them manually they can’t access the course but the activity is still showing as pending.

Ah, that’s different. I believe the session will show up in pending until the series expiration date. I’m not familiar with a solution for this - sorry!

Interesting! So for this particular series, it took place in 2020. I did not have a date set for the series as a whole as we don’t like how it looks on the series landing page, and we just focus on the date on the ACCME reporting tab.

I added the dates (the series itself is way past done) and it still shows on the user’s pending activities.

We have the same problem with pending activities still showing for the user. We have been told that there is a “core ticket” for this and that Ethos is working on a solution.

I can confirm I am still having this issue even when setting expiration dates.

Yes, we have a ticket in about this as well - even once the series ends, the sessions are still showing up in pending, and people can complete, which gets a little messy when it comes to reporting if they are completing something that ended 2 years ago.
For our RSS we have 2 year series cycles, so people are used to seeing series start and end dates.

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