What happens when you mark a user as "Not Attended"

I had never used the function until today, I was hoping that marking a user as “Not Attended” would remove the course from their pending activities list, whilst keeping them in the roster. However, it does not seem to do anything other than changing the “Attended” status to “Did not attend”.

I am still looking for a functional and efficient way to remove expired pending activities from a user’s list, without having to manually mark them as complete, then delete the credit assigned to them. This alone is causing confusion from users who then see the activity in their transcript, and wonder why no certificate downloads when they click the option (because the link is still available next to the record even after deleting the credit automatically assigned to them when marking them complete)

Hi, I thought it was core functionality to remove a course from pending activities when the expiration date hit? Have you submitted a ticket? In our application they do get removed.

Thanks for your reply!

I did try it for a user in a session that expired at the end of last year. Even though the session was expired, it still showed in the user’s list of pending activities. When I marked them as “not attended” the status changed in the session’s enrollment list, but it still showed in the user’s pending list.

I will put in a ticket. While this only takes care of those users that pre-registered for an event and never showed up, it helps a lot with the process. Still waiting for an activity to disappear if the user doesn’t complete all the requirements and their enrollment expires.

My understanding is this has no functionality beyond record-keeping. We remove all no-shows from the enrollments tab for just this reason. They are still recorded on the course reports, which is sufficient for our needs.

Like Karen, when an activity expires it is removed from users’ pending activity list.

Thanks for your reply, Tom! I assumed this would be record-keeping only. We do not want to remove the record, however, as some users did pre-register and complete pre-surveys which we still want to keep a record of.
Unfortunately for us, RSS activities and sessions that have expired never disappear from the user’s pending activities list (they do disappear for expired courses). It seems that this is an issue other Ethos customers have as well as this has come up many times.
I did put in a ticket, either way, to see if it can be addressed or to get some direction from the team as there isn’t much in the Help documentation on this function other than how to mark someone not present.

When we use the Attendance status for a live event it’s to allow the learner access to credit claiming. Anyone not marked as Attended can’t access the rest of the activity’s objects to complete the activity and claim credit. It does not remove the activity from their Pending Activities though. We’ve never done an audit to see if there’s a group who regularly enrolls and fails to attend activities, but I suppose there could be some value in that information.