Issues with Tempus payment processing

We will be moving from to Tempus payment processing. Ethos says they support this, but one of the issues was Tempus can sometimes double charge people. Does anyone use Tempus and if you do what other issues have you experienced? Do you see the issue of double charge, and does it happen consistently or once in a great while (still not the best, but we may not have a choice to move to Tempus)?


Mayo uses Tempus. We have randomly seen double charges. We have seen this where the user leaves order in their cart and the order changes to abandon status. When the user comes back to purchase the course the new order is created, and we see the new order and the abandon order get charged. However, the payment for the abandon order does not show in EthosCE only see it in the payment gateway software, PaymentMate. This does not happen for all abandon orders. Have not identified a pattern or cause. Have had multiple meetings w/Tempus and Cadmium. In a few cases have seen where the user is charged once but does not get enrolled in the course.

Thank you for the information Karen, very good to know.

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