Purchase Repeat Enrollment

We would like to enable learners to repeat a course purchase. Currently, the system defaults to course expired. How do we keep a course in the learner transcript, yet allow them to purchase the course and take it again?

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Yes! I also have this question.

We’ve been trying to address this issue for over a year with Ethos. They keep telling us it isn’t possible to repeat a course. They told us to clone the course, which has it’s own set of complications and issues, not to mention the time (and cost) associated with a rather funky closing functionality. In our last conversation about this topic about 3 weeks ago, I was asked to let Ethos know what functions were absolutely essential for repeating a course. We said the quiz, re-registration, and a new certificate but the repeat user could skip the course evaluation. I haven’t heard back. We have some ideas about how to address this but can’t seem to get anyone on the line who will spend the time to come up with a solution.

Thank you both for the reply. Our needs are basically as Lauren mentions. It doesn’t seem like this should be an odd request that someone could want to repeat a course and pay for it. Cloning a course isn’t an option for us. The learner would need to choose the correct one, making it more complicated.

To reiterate: we are in dire need of solving this problem. It comes up almost every day. We need to find a way for a user to take a course more than once. Cloning is not the answer for a variety of reasons. Does anyone else have a need for this functionality?


We’ve ended up cloning and giving the course a title ending in 2224. This way Learners and staff can see they haven’t taken that course during the current biennium and Ethos LMS will allow the purchase again. Additionally, we are getting each course again approved by the state board so that it gets a new state approval number.

So silly!

Yes, we’ve had to do similar make-work to plug the hole. We have so many courses and no way to know who wants to take a course twice. Some of our courses are approved by a state agency for a 3-year period and content cannot be changed during that approval period unless we send the course in for a new approval, which can take several months. This is a problem with other courses and other state approval agencies as well.

During a conversation by phone several weeks ago, we were asked to indicate what functionality is absolutely necessary for a user to repeat a course. We sent an analysis but haven’t heard back from anyone. I don’t want to receive a support ticket saying this issue has been resolved when it hasn’t even been addressed.

We have become very frustrated with their ticket process. It’s always been so bad that our team delays beginning a ticket to explain a situation, because we know it will be a painfully long time before something is addressed. Now, if we can be sold an upgrade to our subscription and pay for more features, that’s a different story! We really want to like Ethos, but we too are frustrated.

Hi Jennifer, I am sorry that you are frustrated with the ticketing process. I will reach out to you via email to setup a call and discuss.

Hi Everyone,

I appreciate the feedback here regarding the feature request for recurring product purchases, enrollments, and certificates.

The product team has carefully evaluated the potential options for implementing a recurring course feature. At this time, the 2022 product roadmap will not be able to accommodate the implementation of a feature this complex.

However, I will be personally reaching out to discuss additional options we have available in EthosCE at this time. I’m confident we have a solution available we can offer as a cost-free add-on to your EthosCE site if it works for your team.

I look forward to speaking with you all soon. Look out for an email from me today. Again, thank you all for providing constructive feedback and keeping the community engaged!

Scott Kuchinski
Director, Product & Engineering, LMS

We just had this same conversation at our tech meeting yesterday. We try as hard as we can to address issues by ourselves because of very spotty customer support and long delays in getting questions answered. Instead of hearing about services that we don’t need and will never use, I just want simple things addressed–such as allowing a user to repeat a course, updates to CE Broker reporting, PDF creation, and cleaner user navigation. Addressing the nuts and bolts of what we do every day is more important than a fancy, new feature.

Well said! We’re in the same boat.

Good afternoon to all.

As Scott mentioned, we are certainly appreciative of any and all feedback. As the new Customer Support Manager here with the EthosCE Team, I am happy to address your concerns. I can reach out to each of you to setup further conversations or you can submit a ticket to support to request a meeting.

I do look forward to speaking with each of you.

Best Regards,
Ann M. Ruggiero
Customer Support Manager, EthosCE