JAPARS Not Reporting Profession Type

For those who have JA, is anyone noticing that for those people who have claimed credit/completed the activity, they aren’t showing up as a learner in the number of learners per profession area in JAPARS?
For example, I have an activity that has 6 nurses who completed the course and claimed ANCC credit correctly but the JAPARS report shows 0 Nurses.
All professions we provided credit for are checked off in the ACCME tab. I can’t find any errors in terms of data entry/boxes checked on the Ethos side.


I’ve figured it out! Learners that are imported are reported correctly. I can see all counts of all professions listed. For learners who enrolled and claimed credit in Ethos, they are being reported as “Other” or “Physician” even though we have those 6 nurses who claimed ANCC credit.
Anyone else notice this problem? Trying to figure out it is an Ethos or JAPARS problem. Either way, opening a ticket.

HI Elizabeth!

Sounds like a credit mapping issue to me.