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Is anyone else getting feedback from mobile users regarding Ethos menu navigation issues? Our mobile users have trouble accessing their pending activities, as well as updating their email address and mobile number, so we usually steer them back to the desktop site for that. Does anyone know of any settings we should change on the back-end to edit/improve the mobile menu layout? Are there any other changes we could make to improve mobile user navigation?

Thank you. -Jon

Yes, on occasion we have heard about difficulty navigating. . . .


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Hi Jon, my name is Ellery and I am a new UX Designer and Strategist at Cadmium.

I went ahead and checked out the mobile nav on your sites. Some options are hidden from the hamburger menu until the user clicks on My Account on the top bar. Then when they click the hamburger menu again, more options should appear, including View, Edit, and My Activities. When they click My Activities and then open the hamburger menu again, more options will become available including Completed Activities and Pending Activities.

We appreciate the feedback and we are working on UX enhancements to the mobile nav overall!

Thank you for your response, Ellery! That’s good to know about the hidden options. :+1:t3: Our mobile users’ main pain-point is having to click the hamburger menu multiple times in order to navigate to the right page to update their email address & mobile number. After they log in, is there a way they could click the hamburger menu and already see the menu options for: “Edit Profile” , “Mobile Number” , and “Pending Activities” ? Could we “unhide” those options on that initial menu? -Thank you!

Thanks for providing more detail on the user pain points! We’ll incorporate this into our mobile nav updates so users can more easily find all the menu options they need.

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Fantastic! That would be great!

Please provide an update on this when you get a chance. -Thank you!

Hi Jon, happy Friday! The mobile navigation updates are on our roadmap with an anticipated delivery in Q3. Please feel free to update this thread with other mobile nav details/suggestions while we continue to work on this in the coming months!

Thanks Ellery. It’ll be great when that’s updated, so we can offer a mobile-friendly user experience.

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