New SMS issues - Users not receiving responses, again

Last week we confirmed SMS functions had resumed, we had no issues with our live activities, and peace was restored.

Today, however, we are back in square one, and no one is receiving SMS responses from the system. Attendance IS being recorded, thankfully, but we are trying to mitigate in the middle of a live activity.

Has anyone experienced this?

Emails regarding SMS Codes continue to escalate for our system so not sure what the status is since we thought resolution was completed

Yes. We continue to see issues with confirmation texts not being received. Especially problematic when new users are trying to confirm their mobile number.


Yes, We continue to have problems with the SMS function.

We also continue to have issues with texting in (we have one case of a person not being marked attended, but praying this is just a one-off glitch) and not receiving new phone number verification codes. Ethos has been working on getting the phone numbers manually confirmed for us. We thought - very momentarily - that it was fixed last Friday, but issues resumed over the weekend and continue this week.

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