Texting in (SMS) International Phone Numbers

We have a number of activities that use text-in for attendance, and are offered to people (and well attended) outside of the US. This is starting to cause issues for people outside US, and it also makes more work for us :o)

In my discussions with Ethos:

“Currently it’s pretty expensive for clients to use international SMS so there hasn’t been a push for this feature. We are considering building an app so there is no per-user usage penalty.”

Ethos needs to see some rallying to help them prioritize this so I am hoping to hear from others who need international mobile number SMS support!


100% vote in favor of addressing the issue with International Clients. In favor of the App being prioritized to address this soon.

Thank you.
Mayra Aguirre

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That’s great! The people have spoken.


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Thanks for your support! Not sure if they officially need to see “votes” but if you can vote that would be great.

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