Delays in reminder emails becoming a huge problem

We were very disappointed when Ethos reverted to 15 min batch sends of emails instead of sending the moment the trigger indicates. For the moment, we said we could live with it (ok, so it’ll be about 15 min late, 30 max), knowing Ethos was working on finding a way to fix this, so that messages are sent when the trigger indicates.

Unfortunately, the issue has escalated - we have reminder emails going out hours, even days after the trigger. I received an email today from a coordinator who said an email was supposed to go out on 4/29 and still had not been sent. As I write this, it has not been sent.

To be clear, this is NOT a delay in receiving after the message is sent from Ethos, this is a DELAY IN ETHOS SENDING the email message.

This is affecting so many things - learner experience and engagement, workflow, efficiencies, but also perception/optics and our revenue.

Is anyone else experiencing this? We submitted an urgent ticket, but curious who else is having delays in reminder emails beyond what we would consider acceptable?


Hi Julie, we have not seen this issue in our organization but I did want to look further into it to double check.

Are you experiecing this only with reminder emails or with emails across the system? So far I only noticed issued with reminder “Test” emails and I’m trying to determine if is an issue from our email server or Ethos. We seem to be receiving other emails just fine, and any emails we push out through other services (like through the user base list, or through an enrollment list) are going out immediately.