Notetaking Integration

We are looking to integrate a 3rd party notetaking app into our EthosCE instance. Does anyone know if there is LTIs (APIs) that would allow notetaking apps (i.e. Evernote, Google Docs, etc) to integrate? Do you have any suggestions to provide a place for our learners to take notes during Live or Online learning sessions?

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This would be a great feature. Something that stores the notes/comments. Here the syllabus are created as PDF with ability to allow for notes. We tell the
learner to download and save the file to their desktop or a folder of their choice. The saved version allows them to take notes on the PDF file. All this happens outside of EthosCE using Adobe features.


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I’m also interested in this feature. We currently just post PDFs as course handouts as a long running list and would love improvements here.

Great suggestion!!
I would add OneNote too, to the list of possible integrations.

I’ve moved this thread into the “EthosCE Product Suggestions” section where we can collect “votes” from everyone who is interested in this feature. Thanks for your participation!

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