Event Management Apps

Has anyone ever had the need to connect Ethos to an event management app? I have some departments asking about Eventmobi (www.eventmobi.com) - they want the “during the conference” features that these apps offer, such as full, interactive agenda, live poll participation, asking speakers questions, provide real-time feedback, private in-app messaging among attendees, group discussions, contributing to the event feed, event document availability, receive important event updates, venue information, etc. Interested in potential to integrate with an app like eventmobi, or is this something Ethos would want to explore - creating an Ethos event management app?

We would LOVE this! We tried using SCHED, which does everything you list, but it required additional sign on, and our users hated having to create yet another account. We went back to our proprietary speaker/agenda/handout software used in conjunction with EthosCE.

I had not heard of this but taking a quick look at this, that seems to be a useful tool! What we’ve been tackling as of late is capturing feedback from users in a mobile, easy to reach format to increase response rates. Something like this, if it was integrated with Ethos, could solve that issue.

But I could also see how some of our faculty might like the poll options and what not. This would be cool!

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