Notification when online course completed?

Hi. Do you know of a way for the local admin to receive notice when a user completes an online course? I can’t find anything in the help that points in this direction. It would work for us to receive an email either when a particular webform in the course is completed, or when the course itself is completed.

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Hi Laurie,

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I definitely recommend the Webform route you mentioned above. In this case a Webform would allow admin the option to receive email notifications from users once they have completed the Webform. If your courses use Program Evaluations (Webforms), you can configure an email template using its email settings. Note that although a learner may not have technically completed the course (depending on where the Webform is in your course outline), other clients have found this to be a suitable workaround.

Our User Guide has a more in depth explanation on Webforms and their functionality.

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Thank you, Amber – works like a charm!

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