Order status "states"

Hello! Wondering how well the Order status “states” work for your organization. We often have people cancel registration, but we charge a cancellation fee, so for example, they will get back 350 of the 400 they paid - we keep 50. That being said, the order is still “complete” but the person is now unenrolled from the course. Our coordinators often look at the number of complete orders (and not the enrollments) and then get confused as to whether someone should be enrolled (we often have numerous course-specific coupons that may make an order $50 so the amount would be the same). How do you manage this? One suggestion here was to add an Order status - something like “Cancelled with Fees” or “Cancellation Fees” so that it’s easy to quickly see which ORDERS are enrolled and which are cancelled. Thoughts? Thanks!

We remove their enrollment, change their order status to cancelled, and then update the order total to reflect the refund. It quite a few steps, and it’s easy to miss one or make a mistake. But it’s the best solution we’ve found. I’d be interested to hear what other do!

Thanks Tom! We are struggling with the concept of making an order “Cancelled” when we have a cancellation fee and the person is still paying us something - not getting a full refund.

If a person cancels, they get removed from enrollment, we do not cancel the order because a cancelled order does not show on their order tab and they may need a receipt sometime showing refunded. Wondering why you look at orders to get enrollment counts vs looking at the enrollments tab?

Hi Karen - Thanks! Good point. I don’t think we use cancel for that same reason. We do look at enrollments but many times we are trying to reconcile enrollments to revenue a “complete” order doesn’t really tell the whole story… I will ask the coordinator who is requesting an additional order state to clarify and I’ll get back to you all!

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