Course-level orders report needs email address

When we pull orders reports at the course level, there is no email address associated with any of the names (either the billing or account names). This becomes a big problem when we want to follow up with people with pending check orders regarding their payments, because we have to go through our AMS to find people’s contact info before we can email them. I’d like to request that email address for the account first/account last name be added to the course order reports so I don’t have to spend an hour looking up this information when I need to follow up on missing payments.

So you are not integrated with your AMS (sending over profile, order data to Ethos)? It also sounds like you are using the Ethos shopping cart and not the shopping cart integrated with your AMS.

Yes, we are.

Marion Talbot


Email is a field on both the download and on-screen versions of the course-level order report. If you are not seeing it, it’s likely because the order report was customized for you at some point in the past. Please open up a ticket and we will investigate the issue.

Sorry! I thought this email was directed at me! :frowning:

The extent of our integration with our AMS is the SSO, which shows if someone is a member or non-member. That’s it.

Thanks, Ezra. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I thought we killed most of the customizations on these reports a couple of years ago. I’ll put in a ticket.

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