Organizing feature requests

Hi Ezra:

Since this came up…

I actually wanted to suggest that DLC perhaps have some kind of thread section where they pull/place the suggestions they’re going to look into. I’ve seen threads that overlap, but more than likely people open new ones because old ones are closed off, and there has been no update on it from DLC. Then one issue which really has a couple votes, looks like it only has one because it’s splintered into a couple threads.

If DLC could filter what they’re considering into some kind of pool then feedback can be a little more concentrated and DLC can see everyone’s needs regarding a similar (if not same really) subject. Which might be better than multiple threads all pretty much hinting at the same thing.

Alot of people are interested in this functionality but it will be a little more helpful if thoughts on similar (if not same) functionality can be directed into one spot! Even if it’s not the same, it would perhaps be easier to determine that in one place.

Sorry if there is a better spot for this, but this prompted me to include my thoughts here. :slightly_smiling_face:

@gmartinez I’ve extended the auto-close period so that they won’t close so fast.

We can also create sub-categories, for example

  • Course administration
  • Learner features
  • RSS
  • Learning groups
  • Course objects

Perhaps that would help?


Users might be more likely to look through organized threads to see if their issue has been brought up in the designated category. If a thread doesn’t match, maybe there can be an “other”.

Suggested sub-categories:

Live/Enduring Course Administration
RSS Administration
Roles and Permissions
General Learner Features
Learning Groups
Course Outlines and Objects
Reports and Analytics

I voted for this one

Wish granted! Let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks!

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