Question Bank Rework

We would like to start leveraging the large number of questions we have in the question bank, but it is currently impossible to know what we even HAVE in EthosCE because it’s not really organized. I just created question categories to match up with our topic categories and we’ll be assigning questions to those going forward (and trying to catch up with all the old ones as we go). We’d like the question bank to be more user-friendly. Here’s what we’d like to see:

  1. Keywords field added to question builder. That we we can control how things are ‘assigned.’
  2. Keywords as organizational options–either through searching or sorting (prefer sorting).
  3. A somewhat configurable format so we can decide to even a small extent how we are able to view the lists of questions.
  4. There may be more, but we don’t have much to base this request on so we aren’t really sure what else we’d like to see.

We had to resort to using all or most of a question as the title of all our quiz questions so they would show up in reports, so the list of questions looks HORRIBLE (questions are giant and blue). How this is currently managed is really useless to us.

Would anybody else like to see this feature beefed up?

We would like to see this fixed as well. We also have the same issue with the media library. You have to contact DLC to delete unwanted items

I would like to do a cleanup of our media library, but I’m afraid to face it!!

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