Participant Password Issues

Has anyone received similar complaints from participants about password issues? Please see email from participant below. We have received many password issue complaints. Is there any guidance that can be provided other than check spam folder?

I have finished two of these Ethos CE’s. I have registered and gone though the whole process. Every time I try to access the site again to receive credits, my USER or Password is not recognized. This happens even though both USER and Password have been saved and are auto filled.

I have reentered, changed my pass word, reentered again, changed my password again. Then, the next session I take and try to receive credits, I am being told my password has expired?! Then the process starts again.

I like the CE courses, but this is just too much work to have to keep doing. Can you help me? Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes, we do experience this same issue from time to time. We’ve never submitted a ticket because it hadn’t happened with enough frequency to report.

Same here


Do you have only one way to create an account/sign in, or both SSO and visitor log in? Sometimes we have issues, but usually related to people logging in the wrong way

People log in to our Ethos site, but there is no SSO or single sign up verification built into sign on.

I don’t feel that this has been as big a problem for us as I thought it would be, although we’ve been using Ethos for less than a year. I find the default log-in that prompts “enter password that accompanies your email” to be confusing because it implies that the password should be the one associated with the institutional email account, which may not be the same as for Ethos CE. They are actually likely to be different, since our IT requires password changes every six months and users are unlikely to change their Ethos password that often. In the absence of SSO, I wish that the log-in language on Ethos was “enter the password that accompanies your account.”


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