EthosCE 7.9 Released

EthosCE 7.9 is now available for release! Sites will be updated per the release schedule.

For a full list of changes, please see the changelog.


Password policy
EthosCE will now enforce password strength when creating or updating passwords. By default, passwords will require 7 characters with at least one uppercase letter and one number.

If you would like stronger password requirements, please open a support ticket and let us know! The following settings are supported:

  • Number of character types (letters, numbers, punctuation)
  • Number of digits
  • Number of letters
  • Password length
  • Number of uppercase and/or lowercase letters
  • Number of punctuation characters
  • Delay (restricting time between password changes)
  • Restricting username from use as password
  • History (checks hashed password against a collection of user’s previous hashed passwords looking for recent duplicates and rejects password re-use.)
  • Password expiration. The user is forced to change their password and is optionally blocked when their old password expires.

Calendar export in iCalendar format
The site calendar can be syndicated or loaded into a user’s personal calendar (Outlook, Google, etc) in iCalendar format. To download the calendar, use the link at the bottom of your calendar page (/calendar).

Business Intelligence Dashboards and Self-Service Reporting
This release contains the alpha version of our new embedded reporting tool, “Looker.” This feature will be released only on the test site and only to users in our cloud environment who are available to participate as alpha testers. For more information about becoming an alpha tester, please review this post.


Update to GoToWebinar authentication protocol
We have updated EthosCE to work with the new GoToWebinar authentication protocol. Customers using GoToWebinar in EthosCE must update their credentials on their production site to continue using GoToWebinar. Please see this post for more information..

Add additional configurations for display of Warpwire videos
Customers using Warpwire may now configure the display of share, title and controls on a per-video basis. These configurations now appear in the course object settings.

Search and download for users accepting terms & conditions
The site admin may not search for and download users who have accepted the site’s terms and conditions agreement.

End of TLS 1.0 Support
This release marks the end of TLS 1.0 support.


  • Fix issue with incorrect revision author on course applications.
  • Fix issue with updating SMS message text.
  • Fix issue where enduring courses are not removed from search index.
  • Fix issue with image/file paths in certificates.
  • Fix issue where printed course landing page doesn’t display properly.

Other changes and bug fixes
This release also contains other small changes, security updates and bug fixes. For a full list of changes please see the changelog.

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