Single Login per Account


We have recently run into an issue with our live webinars on the Ethos platform. Since Ethos allows multiple logins for one account simultaneously, we have found that some of our users are sharing login information and joining live webinars without paying an additional fee. We would like to have Ethos create a functionality to prevent multiple users from logging into the same account at the same time.



I understand what you’re saying, and I completely sympathize, but as an admin I rely very heavily on being able to log in with my account on two browsers simultaneously, and sometimes open multiple tabs on both browsers to boot. I would amend your request to clarify that this restriction not apply to admin level users.

And shame on your sneaky, underhanded, and dishonest end users!

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Would you have a few minutes to talk with me on the phone regarding your live webinars on Ethos and the webinar features/interface with Ethos. We currently use Zoom which does not interface so I am checking options.

If so, please let me know how I could contact you.


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