Pricing Enhancement - Option to Override or Turn Off Default Cost

For many of our courses, we would like to the option to manually override the default pricing (cost) on the overview tab on a per course basis. This could include

  • a text string with the range of prices or the word “varies” or range of registration costs

  • direction to the the learner to see pricing on the registration or overview tab (which matches attributes)

  • or for a course that has just one price, the default price (current behavior)

There are some workarounds and discussion on this closed thread from 2019.

We are not using role pricing and when we have employee pricing, the employee can be scared off as the they are not authenticated and miss a discounted pricing. We have opted for attribute pricing to avoid displaying a different price for those that have not authenticate and are visiting a course page and also for employees that have opted to use their personal emails, instead of SSO.

Agree with a price range and being able to customize this field. Here is a view from someone that we are compared a lot to.

This is the image when the course was closed, so no Add to Cart.

I really like the price range idea. It would be more representative of what is offered.

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