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Hi, EthosCE Community.

You may already know that people who are not logged in can only see one price for a course. They can not view the price options/variables. We have tiered pricing for students and other populations. But they can’t see those options on the Register tab, and they don’t appear in the course info box either.

If we turn on guest registration the prices are visible, but that’s not a viable solution because then we won’t capture any profile information about registrants. For now I will go back and type them in to every course description. Do you have any other solutions?

I would love to see this remedied in a future product update. Anyone else interested?


We were also running into this issue so under the edit tab, in the course format and instructions tab, in the registration instructions box, we include a table of the pricing for the course. This is visible even when someone is not logged in. You can also add additional information such as deadlines or important info related to registration.

The table looks like this:

Here are a few examples on different pages (go to the register tab):

Ariel Levine
CME Planner
Office of Continuing Medical Education, Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Office of Continuing Professional Development, Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)

Center City Campus
1020 Locust Street, JAH, Suite M-5, Philadelphia, PA 19107
T 215-955-2477
F 215-923-3212

I really like that idea. Ours is a bit more plain and we house our information on the front Overview tab.
Here is an example of ours: 24th Annual Nicotine Dependence Conference - Individualized Treatment for Tobacco Use and Dependence 2017 | Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development

Though, to be honest, it may be changing :slight_smile:

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