Selling meal option with course

Hi. I want to add an option to purchase dinner along with a course registration. I’ve tried using multiple attributes, but they don’t add up correctly in the cart. Any advice?

Hi, We do this all the time with our courses. We create an attribute “Welcome Reception” and put in the following three options

  1. No, I will not attend - $0 cost
  2. Yes, I will attend - usually free, but could have a cost
  3. Yes, I will attend and bring a guest - definitely a cost.

The price is then altered in the cart, not on the page before you register.

For an example of how this works, please go to this link, add it and register now. You will see the price does not alter until you get to the cart (and then you will see the proper price). Don’t worry, you can remove it once you are in the cart (unless you want to come :slight_smile:

Just remember that when you create the Options for the Attribute, it is the Price that you need to alter (not the Cost).

This shows just the purchasing option for a Syllabus –

This shows a multi-option for guests at a lunch and dinner (note : this could be a pull down like the “how did you hear about us” as well) –

If you have further questions or want one-on-one help, let me know,
Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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