Question bank for webforms

We have several webform templates that we use for a variety of of feedback and evaluation needs, but sometimes I need to create or edit a webform in a course to suit that specific course’s needs. I would LOVE to see a feature where we could create a question bank that could be drawn on to build webforms, much the same as there is a question bank for quizzes.

The usual template works for most things, but as we try to get specific data from specific meetings or types of activities, it would be nice not to have to heavily edit or create a new webform from scratch.

Would anyone else find this useful?


That would be quite helpful.
Nice suggestion!!

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Agree-would be one less thing with a heavy build.

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Vote early and vote often on this one if you’re interested, friends! (Can you tell I grew up in Illinois?) :slight_smile:

Great idea. Also, another thought, when adding in a question with subquestions, have the option to add in the conditionals usually associated with it.

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I would be on board with that, as well! We have plenty of those!

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