Recommended/Preferred Browsers

Are there recommended or preferred browsers for using Ethos? We’ve had some customers report issues when using Internet Explorer. I thought Chrome and Firefox were recommended, but I don’t see any documentation of this in the Knowledge Base or Community.

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We tell our participants to use Chrome.

We have definitely seen the most issues in IE and recommend users not access Ethos through this browser.

We put a message on all of our course webpages at the top since our university default browser is IE. It isn’t pretty but it does seem to help.

For our enduring courses > required h/w/s/w we have:
Free, current version of Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Some older browsers and Internet Explorer could produce error messages or not display the content correctly.
We used to say Edge didn’t work, but that seems to have resolved. We try to keep current with what we are hearing from others or experiencing ourselves. Would be nice to know what browsers are recommended by Ethos.

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