SATA question where there is no 'correct' answer

We’d like to have the option of making ‘any’ selected answer in a multiple choice question correct. To explain:

We have a learning objective that relates to a more evaluative situation than a straightforward question that we want to include in a quiz vs. an evaluation webform. The question lists several options for physician self-care that participants may have tried in the past. We’d like to list those as options for them to select as answers, but none of them are right or wrong. They’re just options for people to choose from. We’d also like to include an ‘Other’ option with a field to complete if selected, much like the tried-and-true multiple select options in a webform.

Would anyone else find this useful in the quiz context? We get that this is definitely less in the quantifiable realm and much more in the qualitative realm, but this isn’t the first time we’ve run into a situation where adding a question like this to a quiz would make more sense than adding it to our evaluation webform, partly because it’s included as a learning objective that needs to be assessed.


We have requested this feature several times but they’ve said it’s not feasible. Here is the last reply they offered, “That setup is currently not feasible in the system because there would be other correct answers that the user did not choose, so it penalizes the user. It would need to be set up to be single-choice (multiple answers and simple scoring disabled).”

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