Importing multiple choice questions

We’d like to import many multiple-choice questions into Ethos, but so far we’ve experienced glitches in our testing to get the import right. Also, it looks like we cannot include question or answer explanations for each question. Has anyone imported many questions rather than manually create each? If so, did you go in afterwards to make any format changes or include explanations?

I didn’t know you could import m/c questions!! How do you do that?

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Would love to learn more about this feature!

Agreed! Please teach us about this functionality! I have entered 20 m/c questions in the past day and would love to know how to upload them instead!

I see it under EthosCE Admin/Imports (and at this link: SHM Learning Portal |).

This used to be a very slick function in the old Moodle platform, but haven’t been able to do it in the new Drupal version so we just build everything from scratch. It’s a pain, but the time it would take to work out the bugs just isn’t worth it to us. If anyone can come up with a good template and workflow and wants to share, we’d be interested, too.

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