Using a Course Page in various courses

I like the idea of using a course page in various courses to contain information that is consistent. For example cancellation policies or general information. Using a course page will make updates or edits much easier. But I am wondering if there is a way to display this course page prior to a user registering. I suppose I could add it to the course object menu above the required payment, but it doesn’t seem like it will be noticed there. I am curious how others manage their pages that contain standard information. I was thinking having an additional tab at the course level linking to these pages would be helpful. But I am uncertain if this can be done.

At Mayo Clinic ( we have a Basic Page with policies, disclosures, etc that we reference from the Main Menu across the top. Also, we put links to the important documents at the right place (i.e. we put a standard message on every course referencing this information right below the Register button - see below for example)

Susan Benysh - Mayo Clinic

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