Sheet Question

I’m wondering if anyone is as interested as I am in having the ability to print a blank sign-in sheet that matches the one that’s populated with the names of registrants for an activity? All of our jointly-provided partners take walk-ins, and while it doesn’t seem like a huge deal for them to use a plain sheet or create one in Excel or Word, in my opinion having the structure of the existing populated sign-in sheet for walk-ins to add their names and email addresses to would be a big help for me when I have to mark attendance.

If I had a real version of Adobe Reader that would allow me to edit documents I wouldn’t be asking this question–I’d just copy a page and clear out the names. I won’t have this option anytime soon, though. And at any rate, it would be awfully nice to have the option of printing an empty sign-in sheet when I need one since it has our logo at the top and looks really nice.

What might be a suitable option is to print a “last page” to all printed rosters that has lines for walk ins. Every time you print a roster you would have a sheet for walkins.


I don’t understand what that means. When you print a sign-in sheet in EthosCE, you download a PDF.

I agree, an optional page with lines for walk- ins would be great!

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