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I’d love to have the option of creating a PDF of a webform template or blank copy of a standalone form. There are times when people want to see last year’s feedback form to decide if they want to change it or leave it the same, and I don’t have a good way to show them the final version we actually used in a course. I can provide an original document a final form was based on, but often there are edits done on-the-fly and I don’t have a record of the final product in a shareable format.


Hey Gail!

I’ve put this request to DLC in the past. Haven’t seen too much movement on it though. I provided an entire doc on why this would be helpful (this was before the community was around). We also make individual edits to webforms and we have no choice but to have people log into the website and review them since we can’t just e-mail around copies.

It’s very time consuming and not very efficient!


We also have made such request and it was scoped as customization…it appears not onerous so if we could vote up such request we would welcome such effort…our print version requested to include also the logo of ACS.

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Hi all,

You can print to PDF to download a printable version of the evaluation.

We purposely remove the header and menus to increase the available space on the printed page, but it can be added back in using your custom CSS field. The following code should display the logo on all pages when printing.

@media print {
body.node-type-webform #header {display:block!important;border:0px!important;background-image:none;background-color:#ffffff!important;} 
body.node-type-webform #header-wrapper {background-color: #ffffff!important;}
body.node-type-webform #header-right {display:none!important}

If you want to do this on pages other than webform pages, just remove body.node-type-webform

Will that help with this request?


For me personally, not really.

Rarely are our evaluations on a single page. So I’d have to to do the evaluation every single time I want to Print to PDF and somehow manually piece the eval together. If I was showing the back end of the evaluation as it looks when creating a webform, maybe this would work. But that’s not the view that coordinators or leadership want or need to see. Since a big part of it is seeing the format of the questions.


Sorry I dropped this when I was the one who started it. I agree with Genesis. This won’t help me for what I need, and I’m also concerned about form length. Some of our forms are fairly short, but have open fields that take up space, and some are pretty long all on their own. And then there are conditionals to consider.

I struggle with the downloads of my online application being a hot mess. I just want a nice, clean, PDF to save or share.

I tried to upload a PDF of my general eval, but I can’t upload PDFs here, so…