Use quiz bank to generate different subset of questions per learner

Is it possible to generate a quiz with a subset of questions from the question bank so that the quiz is potentially different for each learner who takes it? For instance, if I had 100 questions in the bank for a quiz and every time a learner came in to take it, 50 questions were randomly selected from the 100.

Hi @lwinzen:

Yes, this is a standard quiz configuration. While creating a quiz shell, you can create a quiz using the “Random questions” or “Categorized random questions” option under “Randomize questions” section.
This will allow you to select specific number of questions are drawn randomly from this Quiz’s pool of questions. Screenshot is attached for reference.

Note that the configurations to key in “50” will appear after you save this page. Here is a link to help documentation for more details EthosCE Knowledge Base


Great! Thanks! I knew I could randomize but not that I could have it select a certain number from the pool. That is exactly what I need.

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