User Profile Core Field

I would suggest that the site administrator have the ability to make the determination if profiles fields be mandatory or not. Many of our users are skipping the “Specialty Board” field because it is not mandatory, but then inadvertently cannot get their credit.

Is anyone else experience this?

This is a challenge.

What we did in one course was make a course object (course page) that had instructions to edit their profile and update certain information based on their role that had a link to the profile that opens in a new window. It doesn’t make it required but is in the course workflow so it helps to get more people to complete their profile so cuts down on the credit errors.

Thanks, Chuck! This is what we had and most people will not read the instructions, though.

Any downside to providers controlling this, as opposed to making it a core field in Ethos?This seems like an easy change that most providers would welcome.

Adding “Specialty Board” as a core field to the user profile would not be useful to us. We are an academic institution. If we needed to collect the user’s specialty board, we did as Chuck suggested.