New features should not automatically populate client accounts

Many of BlueStreak Learning’s clients have other systems integrated with Ethos. When we work with them to implement Ethos, we carefully set-up all the screens, tabs, fields, labels, instructions, so that they explain to the user how to use the entire learning ecosystem.

One of our requests to Ethos during this process is that if there is a new field, tab or anything else that will appear on the screen, it needs to be “off” when the update gets deployed. We can turn it on and make it display, if it is appropriate for the client’s LMS environment.

We currently have a situation with a “Twitter” tab that is displaying in the User Profile area for ATS. For ATS, all user profile information is in Salesforce, so we do not want a user adding Twitter/X handle to Ethos. If they do that, it will not get transferred to Salesforce, which shares user accounts (SSO) with all ATS system, including Ethos.

We are in the process of investigating this issue and troubleshooting it. (e.g. does it only display for our admin IDs or users too? How do we turn it off?) If you can answer these questions, please reply.

Since you have some changes to your engineering team members, we want to make sure everyone knows that any new features that will display on the screen should be deployed as “off.” The update instructions should explain how to turn on the new feature. Please confirm you have received this message.

Jennifer De Vries
BlueStreak Learning