Using Webforms for Conference Presentations

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I’m trying to create a Webform that allows presenters to upload presentations and/or videos prior to the conference. Does anyone utilize Webforms to upload presentations and/or videos? If so, can you send me instructions on how to do so.

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You can use the Webform Object = File to allow persons to upload file(s). Make sure that you choose the format that you want them to upload when creating this object (pdf, ppt, etc.). NOTE: I would make sure the following:

  1. Only authenticated users can upload files
  2. Have captcha on the webform

Both 1 & 2 will less the nefarious bots out there from loading bad files. :slight_smile:

If you have additional questions, or I wasn’t clear, please email me and we can spend 15 minutes over Zoom/Meetings working on it.
Susan Benysh

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Thank you for the speedy reply! A zoom meeting will be beneficial to walk through. I will email you shortly.


I am free for the rest of the afternoon or Friday afternoon noon-4CST

Hi Kristen,

We do this. Ditto on the suggestion from Susan. I did not know you could add a captcha object to a webform though, or is it through a setting? We’d love to do that.

We do forms like this for CVs and Presentations, they’re open to anonymous users and authenticated users so that admin assistants can submit the forms without having to create an account or use the faculty member’s credentials (we have a lot of SSO users that cannot share credentials).

What I’ve done to minimize bots is removed all the bot options from the form’s meta tag settings (found by going to Edit>Meta Tags>Advanced Tags). We also have email notifications set up any time someone completes the form, this way we see any suspicious submissions.

Originally, the Captcha was through a request to DLC/Cadmium. Open a ticket to see how it would work on your site.


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