Way for learners to view answers on previously submitted webform

Hello Ethos Community,

Does anyone have a workaround to the question below? Ethos said they don’t currently have a way for learners to view previously submitted webforms, and suggested I put the question out to the community!

I am building an activity where the learners will submit an initial webform. A few months later, the learners will need to be able to review the answers they previously submitted, and list any changes in a new webform. How can learners see their previously submitted webform information? Ideally we would be able to provide a link in the second webform that brings each learner to their own submitted information, dynamically.

Thank you!

Hi, there is a setting in Webforms to view previously submissions - if you go to the webform, Choose Webform, Choose Form Settings and it is at the bottom. Give it a try . . .

Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for this info! Could you send a screen shot of where you mean? I do not see any options to allow people to view a previous submission.

I am on the Webform >> form settings page.

These are the options I see at the bottom.

You have it marked under Advanced Settings (third one down). To do this, we make sure that higher up the users must authenticate (this does not show if they are not logged in (anonymous)).