Learning from Teaching, and/or Manuscript Review activities

Wondering if anyone has tried to utilize EthosCE to host reflective essay webforms for either Learning From Teaching, and/or Manuscript Review activities. In terms of functionality, I’m wondering if webforms can be submitted by a single user multiple times to create multiple entries (one for each course taught or manuscript peer-reviewed), and if the credit can be set to accumulate over time within this activity. Probably asking too much here, but it would be easier than manually processing these special types of CME and MOC credit.

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I believe you can set webforms to be usable as many times as you like (i.e., 1 or unlimited); however, I don’t think there is the option to attach credit to a webform. To accumulate credit I think you’d have to set up multiple child courses, that really only need to consist of your webform in the course outline, under an overarching parent (Learning from Teaching, for example) and roll the credit up to the parent. The problem with this setup is that you don’t have any idea how many times your faculty would want to complete the form, so you wouldn’t know how many children to set up.

Why not make separate children as Gail suggests and use an survey course object instead of a webform? Surveys offer much more in the way of stats and recording progress. Webforms only have to be clicked on to be marked complete.

That’s not correct, actually. If you make all or most of the fields mandatory in a webform, those fields have to be completed in order for the webform to be marked as complete.

Are you certain? I think if you click on a web form and then never do anything, EthosCE shows it as a completed course object. It does in 6.x. (Yes, we are still suffering with the older version until we get upgraded this spring!) :slight_smile:

Yes, that was the case in 6.x, but in the new versions if there are mandatory fields you are blocked from submitting.

That’s super news! Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestions! As Gail mentioned, the problem with this approach is anticipating how many times learners will need to complete the form. I can also imagine it would take some explanation, since you might have first-time reviewers who are just completing Child 1, while second-time reviewers would return and complete Child 2. First-timers may be confused. It sounds like a Google form is the most straightforward approach.

You could either use a Google form or an EthosCE webform and then download the CSV and import it back into EthosCE so the credits would appear in the transcript and be counted for PARS.

The advantage of doing it with EthosCE is that you will know the email will match on import. With an external form the user might enter a different email than what is in EthosCE.

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