ACCME Tab Thoughts for JA-PARS

After cloning my 40th one-time activity today (for June CNE activities), I am wondering if there is an easier way to manage the ACCME tab input for JA-PARS.
Do we really need to input the class times in the ACCME tab? JA-PARS does not require the class time when you directly add an activity to JA-PARS. JA-PARS just goes by dates. I know it isn’t much to type the class times, but after 40 times of entering dates/times and the same JA-PARS info, it gets tedious. I know I could upload a spreadsheet to JA-PARS at the end of the year, but I would rather not wait.
What does everyone else do with cloning multiple one-times? Do you do what I do and create the classes monthly or do you have some other method that would make my life easier? Would it be better to wait to upload a spreadsheet to JA-PARS with the numbers at the end of the year?
Thanks everyone,
Leanne Perry, lone nurse planner for huge healthcare system in N. Texas