Action Required: GoTo Webinar Authentication Update

The EthosCE 7.9 release scheduled for June 13th, 2018 will contain a change necessary to accommodate an update to GoToWebinar’s authentication protocol. In order to continue using GoToWebinar, we are now required to enter your GoToWebinar secret key into EthosCE.

In order to avoid any disruption of service, we are asking EthosCE customers using GoToWebinar to obtain their consumer and secret key prior to the update.

We will be contacting customers using GoToWebinar to notify them of these steps.

However, we encourage you to prepare for this change now. The keys are available from GoToWebinar at this link.

On June 13th, 2018 you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to the GoToWebinar developer center with your GoToWebinar username and password. You may have to create a developer account if your credentials don’t work.
  2. Click the application name. It’s probably named “EthosCE,” but may have a different name.
  3. Copy the consumer key and consumer secret.
  4. Log into your EthosCE site as a user with the site admin role.
  5. Copy the consumer key and the consumer secret into the form at https://YOURSITE/admin/config/services/gotowebinar/settings
  6. Save the form and you will be redirected to GoToWebinar’s site.
  7. Allow access

Thank you!

These steps have been updated so that in EthosCE 7.9, you may enter the secret key directly, without having to pass it to us.

EthosCE gives me an access denied error when I try to access the form at

Once you are upgraded to 7.9 you will have access. If you like, you can test access on your test site.

Sorry. I misunderstood. I thought we had to do it now.

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