Advertising New Courses from Old Ones

I was thinking about using the “Sign up Broadcast” to send everyone who took an old course that they should take the newer one that recently launched. We are using the new “you may be interested in” marketing feature but though this might be nice as well.

Has anyone done this before? I could download the enrollment spreadsheet and do a mail merge as well to use links vs tokens which, in my case, might leave less room for error but this seemed a way with less steps.



So you would go into the old course to send out the message about the new one? I’ve never thought about doing that, but I would think as long as the old course is still open you could do that (or you could reopen it briefly to send the message then close it again?). TONS easier than the other way.

That’s a really good idea. If you do it, will you post it here so we all know how it went? I’d be curious to know the response.

That’s what I’m thinking. We often have new courses on similar topics/updates so it would be nice to hit everyone specifically who took a course with another course. It would definitely be easier to do so via the broadcast vs downloading the enrollments and emailing from that, but it would make setting up the email that way easier. I’ll test one way each and report back how they worked!

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New…” you may be interested in”… marketing feature? Where is this located on the course?

Marie Vital Acle

Hi Marie,

  1. Go to a course page.
  2. Edit
  3. Marketing
  4. Related courses-- you start typing the name of a course here, select it when it comes up (can add up to 3) and then they show up! I believe they also show up (besides the bottom of that course page) on the users “cart” as options to add in, as well as after the uses completes a course.

Hope this helps!

I have used the “You may also be interested in” feature for the first time, to link attendees of a live meeting to a follow-up online activity. Wish me luck!

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