Learning Groups Utilization and Course Abilities

Hello EthosCE Community,
We are new to having learning groups and I would love to hear how other organizations are utilizing this feature.
I’m also wondering if there is a way to assign a course to more than one learning group? Thanks in advance!

Hello! We have had limited success with Learning Groups because they do not fulfill our needs. Not a social-focused platform but rather a place to organize things. Also only a site admin can make changes to the home page, so that really limits what we do with these because we don’t want to give site admin rights to too many people, and internally we don’t have the manpower to keep the groups fresh with news, new polls, etc.

You cannot have a course be part of two groups - which is too bad because often courses do crosslist!

Best of luck. We are waiting to use groups again (outside of being a way to organize and have static information) when the functionality gets more in line with what a learning group should truly be.

Hi - I feel that Mayo Clinic has had good success using Learning Groups. ~13% of our traffic from our main page goes to Specialties. Once there, it is pretty evenly distributed as to how folks choose.

We are adding more all the time, depending upon how the requests.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic

Let me know how you have courses in 4 different learning groups. When I attempt to add groups from the publishing tab, it will only let me add one from my groups, and if I add another from groups I don’t belong to, I get an error that I can only select one…

Hi, I should have clarified that this was custom work requested by Mayo Clinic.

Thank you, I appreciate you sharing how learning groups are used and some potential challenges. It is unfortunate to hear that courses can’t be linked across groups as a standard. We have many courses that would be valuable to more than one group. ~Lyndsay

We use enrollment groups. you are easily able to modify to main page and add which ever courses you want to it. Currently we have over 30 different enrollment groups, some with the same courses and some with different. they do need to be added individually to the enrollment groups.

I want to make sure I’m clear on things.

Of course you can add a course link to any page you want… that’s a lot more manual upkeep than we would want to do - if the URL changes, if the course expires, etc… we would need to be sure to make changes to the page that the link resides.

What I’m talking about is adding the course widget to the home page of a group, associating a course to that group, and having it automatically show up there (and fall off, once it expires). From what I understand a course can have an association with only one group. If you have a way of doing this out of the box, I would very much like to know!


I may be incorrect, but I believe enrollment groups and learning groups are two separate functionalities within EthosCE. It sounds like the enrollment groups are a great way to share courses across groups. I’d love to see this same functionality in learning groups where anyone can choose to enroll and enrollment doesn’t need to be completed individually. ~Lyndsay

We use learning groups to categorize our offerings, as a way to help our members more easily locate content on the topics they most need. Hearing that Mayo was able to get a custom feature enabled that allows for courses to be linked to multiple groups is promising, because we also have content that could be relevant in multiple groups but have to decide which topic to house it under and then create manual links in the other groups. I would also support making this a core functionality!