Best practices to extend offering credit for expiring activity that is being peer reviewed

We have activities that offer credit that will be expiring and want to extend the accreditation/credit. We are in the process of undergoing a course peer review with possible editing or removal of content that is outdated in quiz questions. We are still offering the current version until it expires, and the updated version is released.

Seeking input on how best to handle situation outlined above. Do we make edits to quiz questions in the existing activity or do we need to clone and create a new activity in EthosCE and PARS? What would provide the best user experience?

Hello - welcome to the community! We always clone and create a new activity when we reaccredit the activity for another X years. This is important especially since you are making edits to the content. We want to preserve the original course for a number of reasons, including reporting and in the event it gets pulled for review during the self study. We never override. Also to make things easier on our end, we name the new course something different like adding the new accreditation year/s to the end: 2023. Hope this helps!

We do the same at Mayo Clinic when there are updates to the quizzes/content. If it is an extension and all stay the same, we update the Expiration Date only.
Susan Benysh

Thank you both for your feedback, it was very helpful!