How to set a specific credit to expire


Does anyone have a strategy or is there a built in mechanism to set an expiration for specific credit types?

For instance, I have credit type A available for 1 year but also credit type B available for 2 years. Is there a way to set credit A to automatically become unavailable while also leaving the course open for credit B?


Hi Andrew, you may be able to do it by having two credit elements in the course outline.

(This is my attempt to work around the RSS sessions not clearing from learners’ pending activities list, not tested yet)

Here I have two, one is an AMA credit, and the other is an attendance credit.
Both are set to “not required” so that when they expire the learner is still able to proceed and complete the course.

In each object’s settings, I selected the corresponding credit type in the “credit” settings, like so:

and then I set the Access settings to a Date duration of 30 days and selected for the object to hide after the expiration date:

I have not been able to a do short test of it, but it should work in theory

Hi Gabriela, thank you for the detailed response and solution!!

I will be testing this out soon and will let you now if it works :slight_smile:

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