Can you prevent a course from showing in "Course Search" bar?

Hello all,

Is there anyway to prevent a course from being found using the “Course Search” bar at the top? We have two courses that are the same, except one is only intended for those who attended the live webinar so they can re-watch anything and claim credit and the other is for those who didn’t enroll/attend. We only want the latter to be shown in course search to make it less confusing.


Hi, For people who have attended and received credit to access it for review, I add the video to the original course. I add an object in the course outline and upload it there. They get to it by logging in and navigating the to course progress box.

My account>>My activities>>click course title>>Take course.

For the Search Bar at the top - go to Edit - Publishing - Remove the course from the Search API.

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Perfect! This is what I was looking to find.

Thank you much!

Remember you also can set a prerequisite if you so choose! If you wanted to have the Post-Live-Webinar course have the Live Webinar as a prerequisite, it would block others from enrolling. You can also enrollment block between the two similar courses so if someone enrolled in one, they couldn’t enroll in the other. You can do both of these by heading into the prerequisites section of the course shell and choosing either “Completion Required” or “Enrollment Blocked” respectively.

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