Course enrollment "disqualifier"

Hi all,

Here is a request that recently came up. If you are interested in this feature, please vote for it!

If a lecture is recorded and offered as an enduring activity a learner could potentially claim credit in both, which should not be allowed.

Proposed solution
The course enrollment disqualifier feature would allow an administrator to create a relationship between two courses. If users completed one course, it would prevent them from earning the same credit in the linked course.

This feature is now available in EthosCE 7.27! See our documentation for more information on how to prevent duplicate credit.

Hi Ezra, does this mean that the person cannot enroll in the virtual course if they have already enrolled in the live course or can they enroll again to review, but not claim credit?

This feature blocks enrollment. It does not block credit.

If you want to give access to the enduring version of the course content to the live activity attendees, you could put it in the live course as well.

How do you block someone from getting credit for both the live course and the enduring course?

You can prevent enrollment by adding a course disqualifier to the enduring version. If they can’t enroll, they can’t get credit. :grinning:

For blocking the live and the enduring you would add the disqualifier to both courses.

Is there a way to allow them to review the material, but not collect credit from it?

We would recommend putting the recorded materials in the live activity after it is complete so they can be reviewed. In that way they won’t be able to claim additional credit for it.