Excluding courses from home page course listing blocks

Hi. Here’s a puzzle I haven’t been able to solve yet… For our customers we have three categories of courses: live, online, and sponsored. I would like to make these categories mutually exclusive - a course should only be listed in one of these categories.

I set up a featured courses block for the Sponsored courses, but then the courses show up in both Sponsored and either live or online, depending on what their actual format is. How can I have a course be in only one of these three categories? Is there a way to exclude courses from the live and enduring blocks? Is there another approach I should take?

I hope to be in a position soon where I can answer questions instead of asking them. But for now, thank you!

We use learning groups for this purpose. Works very well.

We also add the type of offering it is in the title, so report data can be grouped easily.

Conference 2017 | Neuroscience for Nurses
Webinar 2017 | Neuroscience for Nurses
Online Education | Neuroscience for Nurses 2017 (Enduring courses will sort by subject instead of year this way)

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your suggestion, Patricia. Sadly, we don’t have the budget to purchase the module that includes learning groups.

I did come up with a work-around:

For the courses I wish to list separately and not in the regular (live and enduring) blocks, I’ve suppressed their catalog listings, then linked to them on their own web page that is connected to our main menus. Since these courses less important to me, I’m fine with them being off the front page.


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