Comprehensive Transcript


I wanted to open a product suggestion based on Julie’s support thread here.

There should be an added tab for a Comprehensive Transcript that holds all activity completion data for a user with a PDF option. Our users would like to see all this data in one place that provides credit totals.

Though, without forsaking the option to see just the RSS related transcript or the completed activity one. It could be explored however if these keep their own tabs or can be produced by sorting/manipulating the comprehensive one.

Please don’t forget to vote if you like the idea!



We would like that too. It’s been on our wishlist. I believe on the backend, the data is on two different tables. It would be great to have this combined. I can’t think of a reason that our learners need to have it separated.



We came across the same, but perhaps for troubleshooting or to accommodate any other process where isolating the data might work better than looking at one large file. I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have the option, especially if can be extracted from the comprehensive one.

Also, please don’t forget to vote :slight_smile:


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