Course with no attributes?


We are doing our first course that only has 1 registration rate. Since we have always had multiple rates we always use attributes in our design. Is it possible/ have people had success not using an attribute in a course with payment associated? Does this affect any reporting or other features in the course page?

We typically use one registration rate for our online courses for non-members (and we offer the courses free for members) so we don’t use attributes for this and I’ve had no issues with reporting-- but I also don’t know what the reporting looks like with attributes. What fields do you typically require?

We have courses that have a single fee associated with them, and we have courses with multiple options. There’s no difference between courses with attributes and courses without as far as reporting goes. I’m not sure what other features would be affected by fees–I can’t think of anything that would be different using a straight cost vs. multiple choices of fees.

As far as fees goes, if a course is free, it doesn’t show up in order reports, which is problematic. So we assign a fee to the course and allow a discount at checkout via an attribute.

But our courses without attributes seem to work just fine in reports.

Do you need them to show up in orders reports? That seems like a lot of extra work for everyone for a free course. Just wondering why you need everything to have an order attached to it.

We use the order report data for registration counts and to sort people into cohorts in classes via the SKU they choose at checkout. We thought we could use course reports for this, but there is no SKU in the course report. Also the course reports are based on completion dates and whether a person clicks the take course button. Sometimes we want to know registration counts based on enrollment date (and not based on starting/completing), which we can get via the order data. I’m hoping the new and improved reports will give us more options.

Patricia can you provide some examples of the kind of cohorts you are sorting on?

Here’s an example:

18171-SP-HMC = Harborview Medical Center cohort
18171-SP-IH = Island Hospital cohort

Then we have proprietary code that creates an admin portal for the leaders of each cohort, so leaders can see who has enrolled from their agency, print sign-in sheets and monitor course progress of their cohort.

Currently, we download csv data and upload to our other server each Monday for the admin portal. Is there a way we can run queries on the fly instead via a URL? Or a better way of doing this?

Can you collect those cohorts on the user profile instead of the attributes? If so, this will be available in the new reports and can be filtered and scheduled to send via email to the admins.

I’m not sure that would work for us.

We would constantly be changing the profile drop downs as agencies come on board. Plus, we have a LOT of agencies. That would be hard to manage on the profile form, wouldn’t it? And if a person changes their place of employment, they don’t necessarily update their user profile. Would this kind of system give us accurate reports/sorting?

Maybe I’m not understanding…

Got it, thanks. We can give you the option to manage the values in a field on the profile form if you like. Regarding prompting people to update it, if you want to discuss that feature please open a ticket and we can review options.

I just realized that we’ve hijacked the original post so if you have other questions about reporting we can discuss them in the Support or Feature request areas!

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