Does the report or dashboard include courses without enrollments?

Does the report or the dashboard include courses that do NOT have any enrollments? For the purposes of reporting to JA PARS, we must include all accredited activities, regardless of whether or not anyone enrolled. I just looked at these reports/dashboards without and filters (all of our data) and # enrollments is always at least 1. I know there are some courses that just opened and do not have any enrollments…

Some reports and dashboards do and some don’t, so it depends on the specific report.

In EthosCE Analytics there are 3 data models that are relevant here: Enrollments, Courses and ACCME.

Reports and dashboards that use the Enrollments data model only include activities with enrollments. The Courses and ACCME data model include all activities.

In EthosCE itself, it also depends on the report.

Thanks Ezra -

We like using a report other than ACCME to compare to the ACCME report (and JAPARS) to make sure there are no discrepancies - this catches any courses we may have active but for which we have not turned on the ACCME tab. The last report I ran for this, the opposite happened… Barb noted a few courses that were not on the Courses Report, but were on the ACCME report. In looking at the courses in question, they appear to have no enrollments. I’m looking at the All courses dashboard right now, and in the courses section where all of our courses are listed, the lowest count of enrollments is 1. Is there a different report I should be looking at that will show courses with no enrollments?

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