Ability to have attributes for a course that is $0

Currently if I have a free course, I cannot use product attributes. I was told that to be able to do so, I would have to add the additional step of making a person fill out the payment information for courses that are $0. We have a lot of free stuff, and I am trying to reduce barrier to entry, not add. So that’s a no go.

We use attributes to track breakouts or other preferences that are $0 (we don’t use enrollment quesitons very much, don’t get me started on the fact that people are being shown those questions again when the enter the activity!)

We also use attributes to have people add (for a cost) pre-conference sessions, breakouts, etc., and could be used for meals or even to purchase a book.

Who would like the flexibility of easy entry AND use of attributes for free activities, and only if there is a cost associated with an attribute, they get sent to the payment page?


Agree, would love to use Attributes on Free Courses.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

Agree also as all of our courses are free but would love the attributes in certain instances.

This would be useful, doing free registration is tricky in general because there’s no way to set it up without a few additional steps. So being able to set it up through attributes would be nice.

Though for enrollment questions, they shouldn’t be showing up more than wherever you designate them to as far as I know (but regardless, enrollment questions are still a workaround and we need less of those).

I can not do a bulk enrollment when I have a free course and there are enrollment questions - it really messes them up. Suggestions?

Mayo Clinic

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